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Man's best friend

The hotel also offers something for your four-legged friend.

The area offers many hiking routes around Hillstett and the Eixendorfer lake which are ideal for a walk.

Your dog can stay with us for €11 a day, food not included.

Your dog is also welcome in the restaurant (except for Gregor's Fine Dining)






A special hotel should be like the scent of a rose, intoxicating the senses, lifting the spirit and creating a magical atmosphere.

Like an enticing fragrance, radiating out, communicating its promise to the world,

and reaching those seeking somewhere to make them happy for a while.

The Hauer family

Family history

From “hell” to a “heavenly resort” !

As the Schlossgut Hillstett was destroyed and the Engtal of Schwarzach was descovered  beneath the rewins it became a place named “the hell”. It was a place covered in overgrown woodland and swamp areas so there were no complaints when Alois Wuts  a local beer brewer  bought some of the land in 1875. After many debates he was finally granted permission to build glas polishing company and in 1881 he was also given the rights for a public house. This has been the home of the Wutzschleife’s restaurant for the past
125 years.


Alois Wutz was very lucky and his public house was very popular and he had many guests but then the disaster struck. Around Christmas time in 1881 the Schwarzach flooded the glas polishing company along with the public house. Terrible weather followed and the water rose and all the belongings of family Wutz were washed away. The means to rebuild the glas company weren’t there and the company was sold. The Wutzschleife were to face many years of bad luck.


In 1885 Josef and Michael Armer also known as Ermer came to the Wutzschleife as glas polishers because Josef Emar had also invested his own money into the company. In 1903 it was all to change for the Wutzschleife. Josef Ermer became single owner and leaded the Schleife through world wars and inflation. Josef Ermer became the wealthy owner of the glas polishing company and many other properties not to mention a successful restaurant. Because his son was killed in russia in 1942 his daughter was due to inherit everything. In 1950 together with her husband she opened the boarding house “Waldheim”.

“The Wutzschleife”

was born and awarded many prizes. After the unfortunate and early death of Josef Hauer junior Monica Hauer continued to run the Wutzschleife on her own in October 1997. In 2005 her sons were both grown and also qualified in the hotel business. Since the beginning of this year Jörg Hauer and Gregor Hauer both play a great roll in running the Wutzschleife. Jörg Hauer as head of operations and Gregor Hauer as head chef with numerous nominations and awards.

In year 2010 the Wutzschleife will continue to plesently surprise their guests with a breath of fresh air and new idea’s. Time doesn’t stand still and the Wutzschleife has been aware of this for 125 years.

Yours sincerely

Gregor Hauer

Man's best friend


Family history